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Drumroll, please…  Here it is!  Our beautiful new website and, if you’re reading this, our oh-so-cute little blog.  We are seriously thrilled to unveil this shiny, colorful, web gem.  So much so that I am fighting the urge to use an obnoxious amount of exclamation points.  Must… resist.

Why a new website, you ask?  Well, we really needed something more modern and user-friendly that better reflected our brand, not to mention one that could keep up with the demands of our internet savvy customers.  We get it, people don’t necessarily want to talk to us every time they need to stock up on their bath goodies (perhaps, for instance, they’d prefer to use their phones for things like excessive texting or watching that video of a cat barking like a dog*).  So here it is!  Now you can gawk at the colors of our 30+ handmade soaps and have pounds of fragrance-graced Epsom Salt so close to your fingertips that you can nearly feel the stress already melting away.

And in celebration– Try out the new site and for a limited time, receive Free Shipping for retail orders over $50.  Thanks for checking us out.  Enjoy!

*In case you haven’t seen said video…


A big shout out to our friend Ben at Bottle Rocket Creative Services who put in a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to create this lovely site for us.  It’s not easy dealing with two demanding women, but he pulled it off beautifully.  Thanks, Ben!

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