Stay clean and stay soft.  Handmade soap is gentler.  
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Each colorful jar of Epsom Spa Soak holds nearly 2lbs of muscle-soothing goodness.

Soak happy & healthy. We adore these colorful, mineral-rich soaks! Our boutique line, these generously-sized jars are made to help you feel a little happier and a little healthier, one bath at a time.

Scroll down to find out about our two fabulous new styles, Cozy and Seaside.

commonly asked questions about Epsom Salt

What’s the deal with Epsom salt? Not a salt at all, but the mineral compound magnesium sulfate. These important minerals are necessary for healthy body and brain function, and are thought to absorb through your skin when you soak in Epsom salt (but make sure you use enough!) From detox to migraines, muscle aches to hangover help, menstrual pain to inflammation and skin-softening, Epsom salt is considered a health & beauty wonder and has been used for ages to keep us feeling great.

How much should I use? To receive the benefits of Epsom Salt, we recommend using at least 3 generous handfuls; soak for 15-30 minutes.

Will the color stain my tub? Nope! Our dyes will tint the bathwater but rinse down the drain cleanly, like they should.

What if I’m not a “bath person”? How about a soothing foot bath or skin-softening scrub? Use in the shower as a scrub by itself or paired with a tiny bit of olive oil! Bonus points if you let it sit on skin for a bit before rinsing away. Fantastic before shaving.

Seaside (new!)

Clean, aquatic, ocean vibes.
Mineral-rich soak with Epsom salt, sea clay, and detoxifying baking soda, Seaside is a relaxing, spa-worthy muscle soak for those that would really rather be lounging on the beach.
A fragrance/essential oil blend including bright notes of citrus essential oils and the lovely aqua shade may not be quite as good as a beach house, but it’s a more affordable start.

Cozy (new!)

Warm & sweet mineral treat. Life isn’t always going to be nice, but this Epsom salt soak sure is. Comforting notes of vanilla, almond, cherry, and coconut are a welcome way to unwind. Made with a fragrance and essential oil blend, Cozy also features coconut powder for a luscious boost of vitamins, as well as baking powder and activated charcoal for extra detox.


A favorite combo of Eucalyptus & Mint, this dynamic mineral soak is aims to get you feeling your best. Fresh and unisex, this is one of our most loved scents. Earthy base notes of sandalwood and amber blend perfectly with eucalyptus and peppermint. We love Refresh after a big workout, when you’re feeling under the weather, or just need to take some time to chill out.


A go-to for herbal, floral, and lavender fans.
A periwinkle tint pairs beautifully with the Lavender fragrance/essential oil blend. Delicate and soothing, Soothe is ideal for helping you feel calm & balanced. Try it before bed for a better night’s sleep.


Bright, bold notes of tropical fruit and citrus for sun worshippers everywhere. Fans of grapefruit, lemon, orange, and mandarin, will love the invigorating fragrance/essential oil blend of Energize. Vibrant and cheery, this soak is a great way to liven up your day, or help you boost your spirits after a tough one.