Stay clean and stay soft.  Handmade soap is gentler.  
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That’s a wrap!  We’re officially saying “Bye, Felicia” to 2015.   Would you believe me if I told you that Mighty Good Man was one of 2015’s biggest sellers?  We’ve made believers out of many former body wash users, often men who won’t go back thanks to this gentle, moisture-rich, long-lasting bar.

Lavender is always a favorite but this year citrus and fruity scents like Lemon VerbenaTropical Paradise, and Pink Grapefruit really took over.  Island life must be hot on people’s minds (can you blame them?)  with Pirate, Mermaid, and Sea Life toy soaps making quite a splash.

Not sure which items to try?  Scroll down for a look at this year’s customer favorites:

Epsom Salt

Skin softening, anti-ache addition to a warm bath.
Customer 2015 favorites:

1.  Cool Epsom Salt Tote,  2.  Warm Epsom Salt Tote,  3.  Lavender Epsom Salt Jar,  4.  White Ginger Epsom Salt Jar,  5.  Jasmine Epsom Salt Jar

salts best sellers 15

Natural Olive Oil Bars

Rich, creamy, & made from scratch.
Customer 2015 favorites:

1.  Mighty Good Man,  2.  Stress Relief,  3.  Oatmeal & Honey,  4.  Pink Grapefruit,  5.  Sweet Lavender


Glycerin Bars

A bright, cheery way to keep skin clean and soft.
Customer 2015 favorites:

1.  Lemon Verbena,  2.  Tropical Paradise,  3.  Morning Songbird,  4.  Sea Breeze,  5.  Oatmeal & Honey


Exfoliating Loofa Bars

The 2-in-1 timesaver for quick and easy exfoliating.
Customer 2015 favorites:

1.  Spa Fresh,   2.  Sweet Lavender,   3.  Lemongrass Sage,   4.  Blood Orange,   5.  White Ginger & Amber


glb bestsellers 15

Duck Toy Soap

The 2-in-1 timesaver for quick and easy exfoliating.
Customer 2015 favorites:

1.  Christmas & Winter Ducks,   2.  Traditional Ducks,   3.  Pirate Ducks,   4.  Sea Life Toys,   5.  Princess Ducks




This is a great time to thank you, our fantastic customers, for choosing to buy made in the USA products from a small midwest business like ours!  We put love and care into everything we do to create products that are extra special.  We couldn’t do it without you-  thanks from all of us here for making 2015 our best year yet!