Stay clean and stay soft.  Handmade soap is gentler.  
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Debra: Chief of Stuff & Things

At the core of the Heartland team since 2005, Debra’s hands-on philosophy ensures that everything is running on course.  Her adventurous nature pairs magnificently with her 25 years of entrepreneurial and manufacturing experience.   No one here is ever surprised (although we are very often impressed) to find her so actively problem-solving.  Whether it’s fixing a machine, balancing the books, doing some light plumbing, or reorganizing the warehouse on the forklift, you can always find Debra taking care of business.

Carolyn: Creative Catalyst & Unicorn Trainer

Armed with her prized “Pantone Book” and a creative eye, Carolyn pushing constantly for a balanced, vibrant, and beautiful line.  You will find bits of her personality and creativity in every aspect of our business.  She finds joy in making ideas manifest into dynamic final products and pairing customers with scents & products that are right for them.

Keyandra: Benevolent Ruler of the Warehouse

Small but fierce, Keyandra graced us in 2011.  From newbie to the production queen, Keyandra knows the importance of hard work and meeting deadlines.  She runs the warehouse with tact, organization, and a sparkle in her smile.  This Forklift Queen has always met a challenge with grace and competence well beyond her years.   She is an invaluable “key” part of our team.

Brittany & Yakeima: Superb Soap Duo

With jokes and vibrancy, these two make hanging out with Rubber Ducks look like all fun and games!  But Brittany and Yakeima give machines a run for their money with the tact and efficiency they bring to our handcrafted processes.  The color, quality, and joy you get when you open up one of our soaps is because these women make it possible!  From the very first measurement, dusting of glitter, and label applied to a freshly hand-wrapped item, this soap duo make it happen every day.

Salt Crew

The people that make your mineral-rich dreams come true… we bring you our Epsom salt manufacturing team!  Armed with a help of a forklift and industrial blender, our team turns big batches into perfectly packaged beacons of bath bliss, in record time.  Not just anybody can deal with warehouse life.  These strong, hard-working women will make you think twice about what you think you know about manufacturing.  With a core team of Keyandra calling the shots and speedy Shonda showing everybody how it’s done, a thousand pounds at a time is no big deal when you’ve got a crew like ours.