Stay clean and stay soft.  Handmade soap is gentler.  
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If you ever get us talking about soap in person (whether over a drink, on a bike, or at a trade show), we’ll probably end up telling you about how handmade from scratch soap is better.  Buy it from anyone and try it! Really, we mean it.  If you don’t buy ours, then, please, just try some.  There are so many great handcrafted soaps out there with better quality than the body wash and bars you’ve likely used.

Here’s the deal:  Most liquid soaps and commercial bar soap contain lots of cheap chemicals.  Not only are they less pure but they tend to be harsher on skin.  If you have sensitive skin of any sort, a made-from-scratch soap bar is likely going to be your friend.  We’ve talked to people with all kinds of skin allergies and sensitivities and are thrilled when we hear how they can use our bars with no negative reaction.  Need something totally fragrance free?  We’ve got 3.  Not sure what’s right for you?  Contact us for a suggestion based on your particular skin situation!

Our Natural Olive Oil bars are high quality old-style lye soap with a modern twist.  Handmade in small batches here in our shop, the oils we use in this soap is very intentional: some for lather, some to help harden the bar so it lasts longer; some for skin elasticity and luscious, extra moisturizing.  When soap is made in this method, it changes chemical properties in a process called saponification.  In this process, the incredible natural moisturizer glycerin is made.  The result is a super pure, incredibly gentle bar that is good to you skin and won’t leave it feeling dry.  But “pure” shouldn’t mean bland, right?  We love color and fragrance, so we love to pair the purity of our bars to a range of bright colors and dynamic fragrances that’ll add a little modern goodness to your routine.

In addition to beautiful colors and styles, we love to fancy-up our bars with additives that will help gently slough away the dead skin cells keeping your skin dry, dull, and rough.  This is perfect if our super-scrubbing Exfoliating Loofa Bars are too rough for your sensitive skin.


Dragonfruit – with berry seeds
Patchouli – with ground patchouli leaves
Sage & Sunshine – with sage powder and Calendula petals
Guava Fig – with ground apricot seeds
Beachside – with ground flax seeds
Tomato Peppercorn – with ground peppercorns
Sweet Lavender – with lavender buds
Oatmeal & Honey – with oat flour and oats
Bourbon Vanilla – with ground vanilla beans
Clay & Charcoal – with poppyseeds

These fun and unique additives give these traditional bars a little “extra”, as well as making them more functional! Exfoliating away dead skin will help yours keep regenerating, so it’s healthy, smooth, and more beautiful.

Cheers to you and your beautiful skin.

Not sure which to try?  Try them all with this Natural Soap Sampler.  😉