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Our Facebook giveaway winner, Ms. Kim Avery, inspired us in a big way towards our own pampering routine!

Kim hails from the Finger Lakes are in New York. We treated her to her chosen new product, a Lemon Verbena loofa – and her own stash of Heartland products! (Here’s her thank you note!)

A thank you note from our contest winner, Ms. Avery!
A thank you note from our contest winner, Ms. Avery!

We wasted no time and asked her two of our favorite questions:

  • “What are your favorite scents and colors?”
  • “How do you like to pamper yourself?”

We learned that Kim leans towards warm and sweet scents (florals overpower her nose!). She is particularly found of rich and earthy patchouli. Her favorite colors complement her scent preferences: warm and inviting burgundy, and the sweet brightness of cranberry. It’s hard to beat such a lovely combination!

And we are absolutely using her pampering tips.

“My favorite way to pamper myself is with a Bentonite clay mask & a nice warm foot bath!”

Doesn’t that just sound fabulous? We’ll start with a look at clay masks from some of our favorite beauty bloggers.

How do Face Masks Work?

Face masks have long been the quintessential spa treatment, and for good reason. Containing a mixture of mineral rich clay and luxurious ingredients such as yogurt, honey, and tea tree oil – all of which feel amazing and have cleansing and toning benefits for your skin.

They are as easy as they are simple! Just like in the TV ads where a woman slathers her face with luscious goop, sits around for 15 minutes, and then just washes it off.

Masks work by penetrating your pores, trapping and removing dirt, oil, and make-up collecting there during the day. The mask contracts as it dries, pulling impurities out of your skin. Rinse it off, re-hydrate your skin and you are renewed!

Close Up Of A Beautician Who Apllies The Facial Treatment To a Beautiful Woman In Day Spa

Do-It-Yourself recipes with our Favorite Beauty Bloggers

While you could spend a pretty penny on designer face masks, we are more inclined to tinker with our own recipes. Check out these great blogs on DIY clay masks from some of our favorite beauty bloggers!

  • A lovely “how-to” to help you customize your DIY clay mask to your personal needs by Danielle on her blog, Xovain!
  • A foray into the wonders of acne-fighting and skin healing with this simple DIY Lavender and Green clay mask by Kate Tietje from her blog Modern Alternative Mama.
  • A soothing and refreshing green clay mask made almost entirely with ingredients found in your fridge by Victoria McGinley on her beauty blog.
  • And last but not least, 3 delightfully simple masks that play with yogurt, honey, and clay from Kristin Marr of Live Simply!

Happy pampering Everyone! Stay tuned for warm foot baths!

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