Stay clean and stay soft.  Handmade soap is gentler.  
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Can’t get enough zesty freshness? Me neither. Check out our lemony styles to keep it cheery, all the time.

Lemon Verbena

Cheerful notes of fresh meyer lemon, verbena, and rose dance together in crisp harmony to energize weary bodies and perk up tired minds.  What could be better to perk up your shower than this bright blend of herbal freshness and citrus zing?   This classic is a crowd-pleaser in whatever form you choose.

Shop lemon verbena styles:
Lemon Verbena Natural Olive Oil Bar
Lemon Verbena Glycerin Soap Bar
Lemon Verbena Exfoliating Loofa Bar

Cosmic Lemonade

Out of this world brightness with a blend of stubbornly cheerful scents – zippy lemon, sugar, fruit, and soft rose petals. Even if you want to be in a bad mood, Cosmic Lemonade won’t let you (but we won’t tell). Made from scratch, it’s extra pure, long-lasting, and delivers the richness you deserve.

Sage & Sunshine

Small batch made with premium ingredients, this richly-lathering bar perks up your day with a fragrance/essential oil blend featuring clean notes of herbal sage, lively lemon, & lemongrass.  Calendula petals on one side and ground sage on the other offer gentle exfoliation.  This long-lasting bar will bring summery, sunshiney vibes no matter what time of the year.  

As always, our soaps are quality-focused, which means more moisturizing properties and all around gentler to your skin. Keep it fresh – and thanks for shopping small!