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Made in America – Made in the Heartland!

Hello lovelies!

Made in America isn’t simply a snappy phrase – it’s a movement. One that stands for quality products produced by American workers, right here in the USA. This month we’re taking a stand for quality products; hand crafted with love and passion by Americans, right here in the Heartland! Check out how our soaps are ‘Made in America.’

The Process

Like any fine crafter, we start by gathering the best of ingredients: luxurious natural oils, lovely botanicals, our signature fragrances – all purchased through US vendors.

Once the ingredients are in, the fun begins

All of our products are hand crafted at our office in St. Louis, Missouri – right in the Heartland!

Our Natural Olive Oil Soaps are essentially a premium modern twist on old-fashioned lye soap. To make them, we start by batching our luxurious oils: Coconut, Olive, Avocado, and Soy, to name a few.  Once heated and combined with lye, the chemical process that is traditional soap-making begins! This process, called saponification, transforms the ingredients into the final product (soap!), which contains no lye, but is instead now a dirt-pulling, bacteria-banishing, sudsy way to cleanse and care for your skin.

Our Glycerin Soaps, Ducks Soaps, and Loofas are a wonderful mix of fun color and gentle cleansing – we love them how they brighten our day! Our hypo-allergenic coconut oil base is friendly for even the most sensitive of skins. Our glycerin soaps contain a natural moisturizer that’s a by-product of our process, creating a soothing, colorful, and bubbletastic way to clean away the day!

From Swirls and Layers to Exfoliates and Ducks - our little Extras make each soap truly unique!


Well-crafted products from small batches

When crafting our soaps, we keep each batch small to focus on creating a high quality product with the highest level of consistency between batches. Plus, we get to add many little extras by hand! Once the extras are in, batches are poured into molds and allowed to cool overnight.

Cooling Soaps

In the morning, we unmold the new soaps (which are still a little soft) and carefully cut them into even, perfect bars! For the next few weeks, they’ll sit on shelves in our work room to cure, making a harder, longer lasting bar for you!

Every bar of soap is carefully portioned and cut by hand, even the loofas!Quality control at every step.

Waste not, Want not

Sometimes, a batch doesn’t turn out quite as perfectly as we’d like… so we put it to good use! Bars that aren’t aesthetically perfect are cut into slivers and slipped into outgoing parcels as samples. (Who doesn’t love a little extra?!) Or fans can buy a packet of samples. It’s a great way to find your favorite scents without having to fully commit to a bar you’re not certain you’ll love!

Looks like Pirate duckie had too much fun!When a batch isn't aesthetically perfect, we turn the soaps into samples for everyone to try!

Final touches and attention to detail

And the final step? We hand wrap and hand label our bars so they’re all ready to head out into the world… just waiting for you to take them home! Stop by our website to check out all of our hand crafted, made in America soaps!

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