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If you’re like me and more than a little bit obsessed with our Loofa bars, you’ll be happy to welcome the addition of 6 new styles.
Each of these new bars has a matching pair in Natural Olive Oil or Glycerin bars, so you can get matchy-matchy with your favorite scents.
For citrus and fruity fans, we have Pink Grapefruit, Guava Fig, and Sparkleberry.  Floral fans will love the exotic, complex bouquet of Amber & Orchid.  If you’re an herbal person, fear not!  Cool, aquatic Blue Steel and minty Stress Relief are bound to please.  Or stock up and try them all.  And remember– free samples are always included in every retail order.












Amber & Orchid 
Scent overview:  Warm, floral, and fruity.  Youthful and exotic!
Pairs with:  Amber & Orchid Natural Olive Oil Bar

Blue Steel
Scent overview:  Clean, cool masculine.  Herbal and aquatic.
Pairs with:  Blue Steel Natural Olive Oil Bar

Guava Fig
Scent overview:  Decadently sweet-tart fruity.
Pairs with:  Guava Fig Natural Olive Oil Bar

Pink Grapefruit
Scent overview:  Crisp, invigorating citrus/fruity.
Pairs with:  Pink Grapefruit Natural Olive Oil Bar

Scent overview:  Young, vibrant, sweet, and packed with fruity scents!
Pairs with:  Sparkleberry Glycerin Bar

Stress Relief
Scent overview:  Herbal, soothing, with a touch of mint.
Pairs with:  Stress Relief Natural Olive Oil Bar


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