Stay clean and stay soft.  Handmade soap is gentler.  
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Online retail orders only.

We’ve had an incredible year!  It’s a beautiful thing to be busy but sometimes that means delays in making our newest products available to the general public… did you know that the majority of our handmade soap business is wholesale to boutiques, pharmacies, and other small retailers?  We love these businesses for so many reasons.  Not only do they make our business possible, but we think they tend to offer some of the most unique and quality gifts out there.   Please go out and support your local community gift stores!  If you love Heartland products, a great place to start is our Store Locator, where you can search for a store near you that carries our products.   Or if your favorite gift store doesn’t carry our line, let them know about us!

If you prefer to shop online, you’ll be happy to hear about our beautiful 3 new Natural Olive Oil bars finally available for purchase online.  These bars hit the stores early this year but now you can get them straight to your home.

We’ve taken handmade soap to the next level with these three new additions!  We craft all of these creamy, made-from-scratch bars with exceptional butters and oils to keep skin moisturized but we’ve also included exciting new exfoliants and beneficial additives to keep you feeling pampered.

Clay & Charcoal is a 100% natural, fragrance-free bar for those with fragrance sensitivities or just want a pure, unscented bar.  Bentonite Clay helps with oily skin and activated Charcoal is phenomenal for detoxing skin.  This detoxifying, balancing bar is an excellent option for face and all-over body use.  Poppy seeds exfoliate and our rich base keeps your skin clean, soft, and smooth.

Sage & Sunshine is a sunny bar made with Lemongrass Essential oil and light exfoliation thanks to ground sage powder and calendula petals.  A little herbal and a little citrusy, notes of lemon and fresh garden herbs bring a bright bit of of summer any time of year.

Bourbon Vanilla is dark, mysterious, masculine and the slightest bit sweet.  This warm, earthy bar has notes of madagascar vanilla, musk, and cedarwood, but is balanced by coffee and a touch of citrus.  Ground vanilla bean helps to smooth away rough skin while our soap keeps your skin soft and clean.

We hope you’ll love them all – as always, free samples are included in every order.
Thanks for your support!