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All of our bath salts are blended using USP grade Epsom salt (or, the natural mineral compound magnesium sulfate) – who knew that such a simple product could be so beneficial to the body? Magnesium can be absorbed through the skin by soaking in an Epsom Salt Bath for 12 minutes on a weekly basis. This simple step can help increase magnesium levels.

The amazing benefits of soaking in Epsom Bath Salt:

Epsom Bath Salt can help relieve stress, improve sleep and concentration. Epsom Bath Salt is known to help flush toxins from the body, reduce swelling and sedate the nervous system. Use Epsom Bath Salt to exfoliate dead skin, heal cuts and soften skin. Magnesium is the second most abundant element in human cells and plays an important role in many body functions including muscle control, nerve function, energy production and elimination of harmful toxins. Being magnesium deficient can be the cause of many diseases including stroke, arthritis, heart disease and digestive disorders.

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