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People are sometimes surprised when I tell them that our Duck Soap is our #1 seller.  To be honest, it used to surprise me all the time! But when you think about it, it makes sense.  Here you’ve got a parent-approved, pro-hygiene toy that kids get really, really excited about.  It’s  fantastic bath bribery, a convenient motivator for children to wash their hands.  Lightly fragranced and made with a hypo-allergenic base, little ones love that it’s colorful with a toy prize inside, while parents can appreciate that the glycerin soap is extra gentle on skin.

Duck Toy Soap is a one-of-a-kind gift (think Easter baskets and Stocking Stuffers) that isn’t candy or another big, expensive toy that won’t get used.  It actually promotes healthy behavior… and it’s really cute.

Duck Toy FAQs:

  1. Does it float?   Sure does!  Alone, duck often floats on its side and the soap itself sinks but together – voila – they float.  But don’t get too excited and leave it in water… the soap will disintegrate and that’s no fun.
  2. Where are they made?  Our soaps are all handmade in our St. Louis, Missouri shop.  While we make a conscious effort to source as many USA materials and ingredients as possible, this limits us a bit when it comes to the rubber ducks themselves.  Using USA-made rubber ducks would increase the cost of our soaps dramatically and limit the number of styles we’re able to offer.  We like to be open about this, since we’re very proud of our American-made products.  The final product is crafted totally in our shop in the Midwest.
  3. What age group are Duck Soaps for?   All ages!  Since many people collect rubber duckies, this a fun twist on the trend.  For kids, we suggest toddlers and up, as babies have very sensitive skin that could be irritated when exposed to fragrance.  Please supervise little ones while using our Duck Soap, as the soap, although pretty, and the duck, although adorable, isn’t intended for consumption.
  4. Can I just buy just one Duck Soap?  We get this question a lot.  We purchase the rubber duckies in sets and therefore sell them in sets.  We don’t like separating the duck families.  It’s also difficult to tell who will want which style, so this keeps it simple.  The great thing is that since it’s a practical gift (everybody needs to get clean),  you know it will actually get used; it’s a nice item to stock up on.

Have any more questions about our Duck Soap or other products?  Let us know on Facebook or Twitter— we’d be happy to answer any of your sudsy questions.


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