Olive Oil Soap


No fragrance.  No dye.  Extra gentle.   

Pure, simple, natural.  All things held dear by those with super sensitive skin can be found right here in our dye-free, fragrance-free, 100% natural, handcrafted Natural Olive Oil bar.  If dryness, sensitivity, and irritation is an issue with your skin, then this is the soap for you!  Superfatted even beyond our normal rich & creamy recipe, this unassuming bar takes nourishing your skin to the next level.  Like all of our Olive Oil bars, it’s totally made from scratch; but this one goes the extra mile since it’s supplemented with additional super-nourishing Avocado oil.  An unfussy nod to tradition and purity, it’s the ultimate gentle way to care for your body’s biggest organ (your skin).

Made with organic sustainable palm oil.

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Olive Oil Soap

  1. 4 out of 5


    A wonderful soap for those with dry, sensitive skin and scent allergies. Even in winter my skin is less dry than with any other soap I have ever used.
    The reason for only 4 stars is that sometimes it doesn’t lather as well, perhaps not fully blended?
    Far Better than the soap my dermatologist is always recommending.

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      Thanks so much for the review!
      This fragrance and dye-free Natural bar is intentionally pure. It is superfatted with Avocado oil, a more premium oil known for its skin-nourishing properties. We do this to make it extra-moisturizing since the Natural bar is formulated for people with very sensitive, very dry skin. This soap is still made from scratch in the same process as the rest of the Olive Oil soap line; however, since different oils perform differently in the end (some help create a harder bar- so it lasts longer, some help create lather, and some are more moisturizing- changing the recipe does sometimes alter the end experience. Adding extra Avocado oil does indeed cut down the later- but I promise it’s worth it! It should help care for your skin even more than our normal recipe.

      -Carolyn from Heartland Fragrance

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