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We get pretty excited about our new products.

From one little idea, it takes many months of little meetings, discussions, tests, and, of course, personal use before we can approve a product-in-question (for purely research & development purposes, of course) and bring you a brand new Heartland Fragrance product!  Thanks to the growing popularity of our loofa (luffa, loofah, tomato, tomahto) bars, we knew we wanted to grow this line and bring you even more styles to love.  A touch of tropical peachy sweetness, a drop of herbal floral, and a pinch of woodsy manliness:  without further ado, may I announce the official debut of our three new super-exfoliators…

New Loofas 2014But wait, there’s more!

We can’t forget everybody’s favorite bath friends- the floaty, sudsy, alway-charming Duck Soap.  Well, except this time we did something a little crazy; we brought some new kids onto the block -gasp- that aren’t ducks!  Don’t worry, they’re absolutely adorable, and we think people love them just fine.  These Sea Life toy soap bars are a happy addition to our line, but they’re not the only newbies.  Check out the rest of our new toy soap bars:  fluttery Butterflies, adventurous Pirates, and magical sparkly Unicorns!

New Ducks 2014_smWe hope you love them as much as we do!  Which one would you want to try first?  Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for specials and opportunities to win them for yourself 🙂


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