Stay clean and stay soft.  Handmade soap is gentler.  
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Super-sensitive skin needs extra care!
Natural, handmade-from-scratch soap may not be what you first think of as a glamorous addition to your skincare, but it’s understated simplicity is actually it’s luxurious goodness.

Maybe it’s ironic (judging from a company name like Heartland Fragrance) for us to express our love for scent-free stuff. But in a world where everything seems to has extra junk in it, we adore a pure product with a focus on basic goodness.

If you have super-sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis, a fragrance allergy, or just don’t want dang perfume in your skincare, we’ve got you covered. We have 4 fragrance-free bars to suit your sensitive-skin needs!

natural olive oil bar soap

the purest of them all. 100% natural. vegan. made from scratch.
no color, no scent, no additives except extra avocado oil for skin-loving moisture.

Goat’s Milk
natural olive oil bar soap

super-pure & gentle. 100% natural. made from scratch.
no color, no scent. real goat’s milk and extra oils for exceptionally moisturizing cleansing. beautiful swirls made with natural white colorant.

Clay & Charcoal
natural olive oil bar soap

pure & gentle with natural pizzazz. 100% natural. made from scratch. no scent. natural colorants. extra oils added for a moisturizing clean. two-tone look with benefits of activated charcoal, bentonite clay, and poppy seeds for a exfoliation benefits.

exfoliating loofa soap

pure bar with effective exfoliation. gentle glycerin soap but with only natural colors and no fragrance whatsoever. get your scrub on without the scent.

Which has us thinking… what about mineral soaks with no fragrance? We’re into it, onto it, and will keep you posted. 🙂