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Nestled right in the heart of the United States, we love making quality products that enrich your life.

To prevent melting or fading, always keep soap out of direct sunlight and away from hot lights.

We are happy to accept returns in the case of defective or incorrect items.  Please note that our soap is handcrafted, and the style of each bar tends to vary.

Please call (660) 433-2380 or email within 10 business days to initiate a return. Order must be returned in original condition.

Shipping Info:
Many of our products are made to order – please allow 3-5 business days for your order to be processed. Orders ship from Tipton, Missouri. We compare rates to get you the best deal.

We currently ship to the US, Canada & Mexico.

Need it sooner? Contact and we’ll see what we can do.

A note about Epsom Salt: it’s heavy! Many of our customers stock up on salt to save on shipping – but if you’re an Epsom salt believer like us, you know that it is definitely worth it’s weight.

We love our furry friends! We would never use animal fats in our soap - only the best botanical butters and oils. Our bars are free of animal products, with the exception of the Goat’s Milk Natural Olive Oil bar, which contains goat’s milk.

We can’t help it, we love nice things.

Shouldn’t bath products smell good, look good, and be good to your skin? Yes! Yes they should. Heartland Fragrance is proudly owned by Ozark Brands, a privately-owned consumer packaged goods company focused on goods Made in the USA. The products we sell are made in our Tipton, Missouri factory with an emphasis on quality. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to create something that enhances the everyday lives of our customers.

Life can be stressful, so we’ve got an arsenal to help you clean, pamper and relax.

Handmade Soap is much more than just a bath additive. We think you’ll immediately notice what sets us apart once you try our products. Natural with a twist, our love affair with a variety of colors and fragrances shines through in everything we do. Whether you’re an earthy, herbal, fruity, citrus, or floral person, we’ve got something you’ll love.

Why handmade soap?

Why is hand-crafted soap better for your body than conventional grocery store soap?

Every day we are exposed to a plethora of environmental pollutants. As we go about our daily lives, they settle down on our skin. While we can’t avoid most of the toxins we come into contact with, how we choose to remove them is totally up to us.

Skincare is healthcare. Our skin is a very important organ–it’s often our first line of defense against what’s absorbed into our bodies. We can improve their overall health with good skincare practices. We should be just as concerned about what we put ON our bodies as we are about what we put IN them. Aside from being unhealthy, toxins that we are exposed to daily can cause an imbalance in our skin’s natural pH level, which in turn causes the skin to become irritated, dry, and unable to retain moisture.

Most mass-produced soaps use harsh ingredients and the natural moisturizers (glycerin) are removed, which causes the pH level to spike. The natural glycerin soaps are sold for a higher profit and you are sold a cheaper bar of soap with no ability to moisturize or hydrate dry, damaged skin. In turn, the cheaper bar of soap costs you the overall health of your skin.

Handmade-from-scratch soap is your best bet for a healthy skincare routine.

Handmade-from-scratch soap is a healthy way to rid ourselves of the impurities on our skin. The best way is to use a gentle cleansing product that has the least amount of harmful irritants and the greatest amount of nutrient-rich emollients (moisturizers) available.

Our Natural Olive Oil bar soap is made in small controlled batches to ensure every step is taken to produce a very mild, soothing bar of soap. We start with the highest quality botanical ingredients, including the premium specialty butters and oils we add to help nurture and heal your skin. We always keep all of the natural glycerin in each bar, and every recipe is created and tested to be mild- so it helps restore the skin’s natural pH balance. Each bar is also designed to offer additional skin benefits- rich in vitamins, moisturizers, and emollients, these bars help skin retain moisture for a soft, beautiful glow you won’t get from commercial soap.

Made-from-Scratch Natural Bars

You decide for yourself: Check out our line of made-from-scratch Natural Bars . We hope you give our bars a whirl- we’re convinced you’ll notice a difference right away between our handmade soap and “regular” soap from the store. These bars are gentle enough for people with sensitive skin and mild enough to use on children. So suds away!

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