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Heartland Fragrance

Lilac Exfoliating Loofa Bars

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A classic floral bouquet, soft and delicate, with hints of fresh rose and lily blooms. Combined with a natural Loofa scrubber and gentle, moisturizing glycerin soap, this bar aims to help you keep clean, soft, and smooth. With light pressure, use your purple scrubby soap all over the body, focusing on arms, elbows, legs, and feet. Your loofa removes dead skin and encourages new cell growth, and the glycerin soap helps keep your skin moisturized… simple skincare made easy.

We’ve made it easy by combining everyone’s favorite natural scrubber, the loofa, with our colorful, super-moisturizing glycerin soap. In addition to whisking away dirt, this dynamic duo buffs skin smooth, leaving you feeling soft and rejuvenated.

Made with sustainable organic palm oil.