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Heartland Fragrance

Natural (Dye & Fragrance-Free) Natural Olive Oil Bar

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No fragrance. No dye. Extra gentle.

ure, simple, natural. All things held dear by those with super sensitive skin can be found right here in our dye-free, fragrance-free, 100% natural, handcrafted Natural Olive Oil bar. If dryness, sensitivity, and irritation is an issue with your skin, then this is the soap for you! Superfatted even beyond our normal rich & creamy recipe, this unassuming bar takes nourishing your skin to the next level. Like all of our Olive Oil bars, it’s totally made from scratch; but this one goes the extra mile since it’s supplemented with additional super-nourishing Avocado oil. An unfussy nod to tradition and purity, it’s the ultimate gentle way to care for your body’s biggest organ (your skin).

Made with sustainable organic palm oil.